New Adventure … starts 4/4/14


On the 4th April 2014 I will start my Aberdeen2Africa bike trip.  Just like my last trip my plan is to have as little plan as possible.  I aim to spend approximately three years cycling around the coast of Africa.

By booking me for a massage, yoga tuition or a talk, you are not only helping yourself and/or your business but also contributing towards my African adventure … 

Many thanks in advance.

Watch this section for updates from me as I cycle around Africa.

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15 comments on “New Adventure … starts 4/4/14
  1. Stella and Ian says:

    cycle safe, take care, looking forward to hearing about all your adventures

  2. Mick says:

    Good luck tomor mate!
    Keep us posted….

  3. Alan Curry says:

    Good luck Eric mate, we’re all thinking about you. Get this website updated regular so we know what’s happening. Be careful passing Newcastle, dangerous place!!!!!!!

  4. Trevor says:

    All the best Eric,Cjay and I will be following your progress.I’ll be heading over to Africa myself,probably South Africa if I can get a poker tourny to coincide with your way through.

    Either that or you can visit me in the dog house when you return.

  5. Sylvana says:

    Hey there! Where are you at? I keep wondering for your safety…some risky business coming your way mate!


  6. Mick says:

    Hi mate. I’m in the Northwest if you need a place to crash! What’s your mobile / email?

  7. Trevor says:

    Hey up Eric,

    Hereford? beautiful part of England.You are not missing much today in Malta,just had a storm.You’ll probably be over the channel before I arrive on Tuesday.All the best from Cjay and I.


  8. Keith Foulger says:

    Im a tanker driver and keen mountain biker…so when i pulled into the garage we deliver to in Church Stretton and saw a fella with a bike rolling up his ground matt i was curious. Amazing story…more amazing adventure and gladly bought Eric a coffee to help him kick start his day. All the best mate.
    Keith Foulger. Greenergy/Flexigrid tanker driver.

  9. Hiromi says:

    Hi. I’m Hiromi from japan. I have met you almost 5 years ago in thessaloniki, Greece while I was traveling Europe. I’m not sure if you remember me. I was spunky Japanese gamine who felt Scottish love deeply at that time after finishing my work in cupar, fife. Anyway, I was looking back my journey the other day and I suddenly remember the guy who was cycling from Aberdeen to Adelaide, then I find this page. Now you’re on adventure again! Please take care, I will support you from japan! Good luck, and hope to see you again somewhere!

    • Eric Smart says:

      Thanks Hiromi … I do remember you although it it seems so long ago now! Nice of you to send your good wishes! Will post something for you to read soon. Warm wishes Eck

  10. Max says:

    Hey Eric… As you cycle and cycle remember the world is round and you are going to Africa from Scotland, which is downhill all the way, right? You might not realize it and it may sound silly but just accept it and don’t question….. Like the effects of breathing from the left nostril! Remember…. .?Good luck and keep us posted! Cheers max& veronica, Malta

    • Eric Smart says:

      Hi Max and Veronica well it doesn’t feel downhill and in 36 degrees I am breathing through both nostrils! Almost at crossing point 3000 Km’s and many bus stops have taken me to beside Cadiz. A wee rest is in order and maybe even a blog entry before Africa. Take care Eck

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