Selected Snaps!

He tried to eat my breakfast

He tried to eat my breakfast

Borderline wreck !

Borderline wreck !

Shady Character!

Shady Character!

It ain't half hot, Mum!

It ain’t half hot, Mum!


Housework Finished!

Housework Finished!

Bonnie Lass

Bonnie Lass

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14 comments on “Selected Snaps!
  1. Alan Curry says:

    What memories??? Keep them coming mate

  2. Martin Galea says:

    Go Eric Go. God Speed and enjoy the experience 🙂

  3. Trev says:

    Hey Eric, have you noticed who is top? Happy peddling and all the best.

    • Eric Smart says:

      Hi Trev well done to FC Halifax. I am currently in Bo Govt hospital recovering from Malaria and an ulcer! Equally I cannot go forward or back and am even struggling to anywhere. The spirit of adventure!

  4. Alan Curry says:

    Just read now Eric. Get well soon mate, this is turning a bit sour? Chin up and lets hope you get back on the bike and can somehow keep going. Keep us informed and hopefully this ebola thing will calm down as its a worry

  5. Alison Xuereb says:

    Hi Eric! Really hope you have a speedy recovery. Take care and please keep us updated!

  6. Elizabeth Shokunbi says:

    Hey Eric
    This is Elizabeth. Hope your trip was uneventful. Have a blessed day.

  7. Alan Curry says:

    What’s the latest Eric? How are you mate? Sierra Leone with malaria must be like a night out in Sunderland!!!!! What’s your next step or should I say pedal?
    Take care

  8. Veronica Ganado says:

    Hey Eric , hope all is well !

  9. Lesley wynyard says:

    Hi eric, hoping you are well and having an experience of a lifetime. Keep safe
    Lesley wynyard

  10. Natalia says:

    Hi Eric! How’s it going? Hope you’re feeling better.. Take care!

  11. Michiel says:

    Hello to you Eric!

    Remember Zambujeira do Mar, Costa Alentejana, Portugal, early May 2014. Can’t stop telling people abour your super bike journeys… But now, how are you? And where?

    Dutch biker
    “P.S. Remember your magical words: “you look sixty, but probably older.”

  12. thomas meyer says:

    Hi eric, we wish you a good and healthy new year. We hope you are still on your tour , where are you now ???
    All the best to you , sending from germany, bayern, baiersdorf close to erlangen with the irish pub near to the trainstation,
    Mattina und thomas meyer plus neka the dog , from tarifa in southspain, camping in mai 2014 with the best sangriaevenings, you need a rest, cause the wind was too strong.
    Best regards
    Tina and tommy

  13. Florian says:

    Hi Eric,

    Florian here from Germany. Remember 2010 in New York ? I gave you a little Tour through the Central Park and Manhattan 🙂

    Hope you are okay. Enjoy your Journey, as always. You are a really a Great Guy and an inspiration for me.

    Greetings from Germany and all the Best !


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